Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Latest Passport Index Ranks UAE In Top Ten

Hurray! The United Arab Emirates’ passport ranks high globally, according to rankings by the Global Passport Power Rank 2018 index.

Passport ranked ninth globally

With visa-free access to 157 countries, the UAE passport ranks ninth globally, tied with the West European country, Liechtenstein. What’s more, UAE’s ranking comes before Romania and Bulgaria, tied for the eight most powerful passport ranking with visa-free entry to 158 countries and ahead of Cyprus and Croatia, tied for the tenth most powerful passport ranking with visa-free entry to 156 countries.

Photograph credit: Twitter/USAinUAE

Most powerful passport in the Middle East

Comparatively, UAE leads the passport power rank by a staggering margin. Kuwait ranks second regionally and 45th globally, with visa-free entry to 94 countries, followed by Qatar ranked 49th with visa-free entry to 86 countries, Bahrain ranked 50th with visa-free entry to 84 countries, Oman ranked 52nd with visa-free entry to 81 countries and Saudi Arabia ranked 54, with visa-free entry to 79 countries. Yemen ranks 83rd, the least in the region with visa-free entry to 44 countries.

Singapore retains top spot

Last year, Singapore tied with Germany for the first spot, with visa free-entry to 159 countries. This year’s results show Singapore maintaining the top spot with visa-free access to 166 countries, followed by Germany ranked second tied with Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, South Korea and USA, with visa-free entry to 165 countries.

Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan ranked lowest

Meanwhile, Pakistan ranks the third last(87) in the passport power index, with visa-free entry to 36 countries, followed by Iraq ranked second last(88) with visa-free entry to 33 countries. Afghanistan ranks last(89) with visa-free entry to 30 countries.

Georgia the biggest winner from 2017

Statistics from the passport power index show Georgia, a hotspot tourist destination among UAE residents gaining visa-free entry in 38 countries last year. Ukraine too witnessed a dramatic increase in the rankings, gaining visa-free entry to 34 countries, followed by Indonesia and Dominican Republic getting visa-free entry to 11 countries. Plus, the UAE gained visa-free entry to nine countries since last year, including Canada, Russia, Brazil, Paraguay and Tajikistan.