Image credit: Dubai Media Office

Latest Quality of Nationality Index ranks UAE on top regionally

Residence and citizenship planning firm Henley & Partners’ latest Quality of Nationality Index has released its rankings and UAE ranks first in the Arab World.


UAE ranks 46 in the world rankings

Since 2014, UAE’s rankings have improved steadily from 63rd in 2014 to 46th in 2017 with a score of 45.8%, ahead of countries like Hong Kong(47th), Israel(48th), and Seychelles(49th). UAE’s ranking is well ahead of countries in the Middle East, as Kuwait is the second ranked Arab country and is ranked 82nd, followed by Qatar(87th), Saudi Arabia(89th), Bahrain(90th), Oman(91st) and Yemen(161th).

France has the highest quality of nationality

Based on the index, France tops the rank with a score of 81.7% although it’s lower than its score of 82.4% in 2016, when it was ranked 2nd. Germany ranks second although its lower by 0.1%(81.6%), followed by Iceland ranked third(81.5%), Denmark ranked fourth (80.9%) and Netherlands ranked fifth(80.8%).

India was ranked highest among South East Asia

Countries like India(106th), Bangladesh(149th) and Sri Lanka(134th) were marked in the second last ‘Medium quality’ while Pakistan(159th) and Afghanistan(166th) were marked in the ‘Low quality’. Based on the list, Somalia is the last with a score of 13.4%.

Seven elements are considered for the rankings

According to their official website, the firm decides a country’s quality of nationality based on a range of internal factors contributing to 40% of the total weightage and external factors contributing to 60% of the total weightage. The internal factors are human development, economic strength and peace and stability. Whereas, the external factors are diversity of settlement freedom, weight of settlement freedom, diversity of travel freedom and weight of travel freedom.