Photograph credit: Visit Dubai

Latest Ranking Shows Dubai On Another Top Ten For A Very Reputable Index

Germany’s Deutsche Bank has revealed annual rankings for cities with the highest salaries and if you work in Dubai, this ranking indeed reassures you’re at the right place.

Dubai is ranked 9th for the highest salaries

Big news pals! Dubai has been ranked 9th from the 48 countries evaluated by Deutsche Bank, with an average salary of USD 3,447(Dhs 12,661), ahead of the likes of the cities; Frankfurt(Dhs 12,448) and London(Dhs 12,419). The emirate is slightly behind cities like Copenhagen(Dhs12,716) and Chicago(Dhs 13,407).

Zurich leads the rank

For 2018, Zurich leads the rank as the city with the highest paying salaries, with an average salary of USD 5,764(Dhs 21,172). The Swiss city is well ahead from rest of the world, if converted to Dirhams, Zurich is ahead by close to Dhs 3000 more from San Francisco(second), with an average salary of $18,270 followed by New York City(Dhs 15,115). From the rankings, four cities from the US are part of the top ten and Dubai is the only city from the Arab World to make it to the list.

Cities in Asia had the lowest salaries

Jakarta was ranked least on the list with an average salary of USD 436(Dhs 1,601), followed by Manila having an average of $498(Dhs 1,829) and Sao Paulo with $552(Dhs 2,027). Yet, these aren’t countries with the lowest average pay worldwide because the rankings are based on statistics of 50 countries.