The Laughter Factory returns with Jewish comic
The Laughter Factory returns with Jewish comic

Laughter Factory returns with Jewish comedian

The Laughter Factory returns for five more dates on its Dubai tour this month. And it’s not only going to provide some much-needed laughs, but it’s also very topical. As one of the comedians is half-Jewish funny man Adam Bloom.
DubaiLAD caught up with him to talk about the best heckle he’s heard, being Jewish in the Middle East in 2020 and why Ricky Gervais is his biggest fan!

Adam Bloom interview

Welcome to Dubai! Is this your first time here? Any expectations or rumours you want debunking?
I just worked out that it’s my ninth time here. Is it true that there’s a rumour it’s my tenth time?
Did you follow the Arab/Israel peace news recently? Is that something you’ll maybe reference?
I did, but I never touch politics onstage. My comedy is what we call ‘small world, looking down‘. So, it’s about what I see and feel as I go through my day and interact with people.
And did you ever expect your Jewish background to be a talking point in your career in the Middle East?
I didn’t. But I should point out that although my face looks as Jewish as a face can look, I was brought up by my non-Jewish Mum. I often wonder how much more Jewish I’d look if I was Jewish or if that’s even possible.

Ricky Gervais, lockdown and heckles

Ricky Gervais is a famous fan, have you met him to say hello and swap jokes?
It’s so strange, but I met Ricky Gervais when he was writing The Office. He knew who I was and I barely knew who he was. He was polite and humble and I’ll never forget that, when he shook my hand, the look in his eye seemed to say ‘I’m a big fan of comedy, but am about to make a big impact on it’. It’s hard to explain how I got all that from a handshake and a smile, but I honestly did and it’s not as if it didn’t happen.
How did you cope with lockdown earlier in the year – was it a good time to write new material?
I coped quite well thanks to fitness, FaceTime, help from the UK Government and a bit of writing work, but it took its toll eventually in all areas. I tweeted around ten jokes a day, but since they were all topical, none of them fitted my small world view. Gutted.
And what should people expect from your show – politics, quickfire gags, slapstick, mind-bending humour?
It’ll be high energy, fast-paced with a lot of audience interaction and I promise you that if the audiences are up for it I will exhaust them and leave them wanting less.

The Laughter Factory runs on October 8, 9, 10, 15 and 16 with tickets and more details here.

Dubai Comedy Festival

That’s not it for comedy this month, as the Dubai Comedy Festival returns from October 21-24. The three-day laugh-fest takes over various venues across the city and you can find more about it here.