Xstrike Dubai UAE
Xstrike Dubai UAE

Light it up at Xstrike Dubai, an intense live combat simulation!

Embrace your inner soldier at Xstrike Dubai in Al Quoz, a live combat battle simulation that puts you in the heat of the action.

Like a weapons-grade upgrade on paintball and laser tag, Xstrike combines combat simulation with competitive gaming.

Equipped with an iCombat laser gun, you have to work your way across a real-life battlefield, engaging with the enemy and trying to keep your cool. And it’s very, very ace.

The weapons have been created to look and feel like well-known assault rifles the M16 and M4. They feature live noise and recoil to give players a truly authentic experience.

Huge playing area in Al Quoz

Spread over a whopping 31,000 square feet, Xstrike has two playing fields that some will recognise from Hollywood movie sets.

As players search high and low for the ideal shooting angle, there are endless areas to explore, including an authentic military-themed Base Camp, a mystical “Post-Apocalyptic City” and an “Abandoned Subway.”

Each experience can include between 2 and 40 players divided into 20 man teams. And with intense special effects and props, you’ll soon feel like you’re in the middle of a live-action battle.

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