Grab the deal of a lifetime with a stay at one of the Rove Hotels in Dubai
Grab the deal of a lifetime with a stay at one of the Rove Hotels in Dubai

Live the Dubai dream and get your own long-term hotel room, gym and pool for under AED3,000!

What if we told you, you could get your own place in Dubai with high-speed internet, no bills, gym and pool with prices at Rove Hotels starting from AED2,999 a month?

You’d probably tell the DubaiLAD team to stop licking the mould from the back of the fridge, but this fairly-tale dream is actually a reality thanks to the incredible deals at Rove Hotels. 

And unlike some deals, there are no hidden costs and you can renew monthly. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll never have the nightmare of DEWA cutting you off ever again!

Free gym, pool and internet!

That headline pretty much seals the deal for many who spend thousands a month on pool, gym and internet access. Not to mention Dubai’s always-crazy rental prices. 

But sign up to Rove Hotels and you’ll get 24-hour access to their gym and have a chance to enjoy their outdoor pool, all of which are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards. And you can say goodbye to internet bills as you get to use the hotel-wide high-speed network. Although we’d maybe not conduct a Zoom call poolside FYI. That’s probably a little too much #winning.

Five locations to choose from 

Location, location, location – where you live can make or break your life in Dubai. So it’s very handy indeed that Rove have five locations to choose from. Prices start from AED2,999 for the Rove Healthcare City, Rove City Centre and Rove at the Park hotels. And they’re only AED3,499 for prime-time locations at Rove Dubai Marina and Rove Downtown. 

Plus, the Downtown hotel is strolling distance to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. And the hotel has a licensed cinema. See, doubters – there are some good things to happen in 2020!? Although, admittedly, not many.

Long term deals

Alongside the daily cleaning, pool, internet and gym, each deal comes with a 50% discount on the hotels’ self-service laundromat and a 24-hour convenience shop for when you need midnight snacks. Plus they’ll give you a 20% discount at the Daily Restaurant and 20% off their Letswork co-working spaces which includes unlimited coffee and water. 

And if you book before 30th September 2020, Rove Hotels will give you summer long stay rates till 26th December 2020. Which really is an excellent Christmas present to yourself. 

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