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Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah creates history by winning at the PFA awards

Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah has won the hearts of million of the Arab World after winning the ‘Player of the Year’ award by Professional Footballers Association this week.

Salah won against the likes of Silva and Kane

Nominations for the ‘Player of the Year’ award included Tottenham’s Harry Kane, Manchester United’s David De Gea and Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva and Leroy Sane. Mohamed Salah’s record of 31 goals and nine assists won him the award. He’s the fifth player to reach 40 goals in Premier League history.

Egypt qualified for FIFA World Cup by Salah’s penalty goal

Last year was a monumental one for the Arab star as he transferred from AS Roma to Liverpool, scoring 17 goals by the end of 2017 and was crucial in qualifying Egypt for the FIFA World Cup in Russia after scoring in the 95th-minute penalty against Congo, eventually winning the match, 2-1. It’s the first time Egypt has qualified in 28 years.

Tributes and praises are pouring over his victory

Check out the Twitter hashtag #Salah_the_Legend. The craze for the Egyptian star is enormous with fan-made collages, videos and charts posted praising Salah’s growth in football over the years and an endless number of inspirational words describing the legacy he has created.

Fran Kirby won the ‘Women’s Player of the Year Award’

Besides Salah, the Professional Footballers Association awarded Fran Kirby for the ‘Women’s PFA Player of the Year Award’. She was the top scorer in the Spring series last year and her team, Chelsea ranked on top of the league. She was the first player to score a goal in the UEFA Women’s Champions League against Glasgow City.

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