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Look Up To Geminid Meteor Shower In Dubai This December

Attention skywatchers, the annual Geminid meteor shower will light up the night sky in Dubai and across the world on Friday, 14th December.

Geminid Meteor Shower on 14th December

Every December, Geminid peaks over the UAE skies during midnight. Your best chances of spotting the dazzling fireballs would be from, 14th till 15th December dawn. Hopes are that skies will be clear and there will be little interference from moonlight, according to Khaleej Times.

Meteors viewable with bare eyes says meteor showers can’t necessarily be viewed by binoculars or telescopes. The astronomy publication advises skywatchers to find a comfortable spot to lie on the ground, situated far away from lights and adjust the eyes to the dark for up to half an hour. “Bring a blanket and dress warmly if you’re in cold weather. Give your eyes about 20-30 minutes to adjust to the dark, then sit back and enjoy the show,” they recommend.

120 meteors viewable per hour

Meanwhile, Dubai Astronomy Group CEO Hasan Al Hariri predicts skywatchers in Dubai can look up to 120 meteors per hour on 14th December midnight. He says, “Meteors should be visible across the entire sky, from Dubai, the radiant of the shower will appear 58° above your north-eastern horizon at midnight. This means you may be able to see around 120 meteors per hour, since the radiant will be high in the sky, maximising the chance of seeing meteors.”