M Huncho Toy Room Dubai
M Huncho Toy Room Dubai

M-Huncho, hip hop’s rising star, comes to party with Frank at Toy Room!

Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and Spiderman. What’s the one thing they all have in common? They all wear masks and they’re all pretty freaking awesome!!!

We can now add M-Huncho to that list, as the mask-wearing hip hop producer and rapper is on absolute fire at the moment.

And, Toy Room, being the ahead-of-the-curve club that they are, have M-Huncho coming to Hive on Thursday, March 5 to get the party started.

Not only do they have M-Huncho coming to deliver the hip hop hype, but they also have It’s Junior and Major Flow on DJ support duty. Plus – and this is kinda a big deal – they’ve extended their ladies night so it runs until 4 am. Say whaaaaaat?!

Ahead of his show at Toy Room, we dug a little deeper behind the mask to reveal just who M-Huncho is and why he’s blowing up right now! 

The man behind the mask 

“I’m not in this for fame or for any type of celebrity status. I just make music and maintain with my close friends and family. That’s all that matters to me. All this other stuff is here today and gone tomorrow.”

His music has a message 

“I make music for the love of music and frankly I feel like I got a good taste in music and hardly anyone from our scene stood out so I decided to be the one. If I can send a message across, I’m gonna send a message across. I’m thinking deeper than music, I’m thinking about shaping the culture we’re in – to be where we control what we put out there.”

A fashion and record label are coming soon!

“I’m trying to have my own label and manage young up and coming artists and producers. Get into luxury fashion. And on top of that just build a foundation around me that’s solid where I have people that are willing to put in the same effort I put in. I want to be able to inspire the younger generation and let them know that everyone’s time comes at some point… just gotta wait your turn.”

Toy Room feat. M-Huncho, HIVE 
Thursday, March 5
(Call or WhatsApp) +971 52 463 3338

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