Emirates A380 Hangar Damage DXB Hangar

Maintainance Mishap ‘Severely’ Damages Emirates A380 At DXB Hangar

An Emirates Airbus A380 has been ‘severely damaged’ at the Dubai International Airport (DXB) hangar during a routine check.

Emirates A380 ‘severely damaged’

Images posted on social media show a retracted nose landing gear of an Airbus A380. The damage happened after the gear slipped off its hydraulic jacks and got crushed during the fall. No injuries have been reported. The plane last flew from Bangkok mid-August.

“We confirm there was an incident when our engineering team was performing a routine A-check on one of our A380s in the hangar. “We are investigating the cause internally. All our employees are safe and unhurt. Safety is our number one priority, and we follow stringent safety and technical standards.”

Emirates spokesperson

110 jets part of Emirates A380 fleet

Emirates is the biggest client for Airbus A380s. Their fleet boasts 110 jets and they’ve ordered another 13 jets to be delivered by 2021.

Airbus A380 ending production by 2021

The aerospace mogul is ending the production of A380s after Emirates cut its orders by 39 planes. Airbus CEO Tom Enders says there’s “no basis to sustain production” despite all of their sales efforts.

Emirates A380 Hangar Damage DXB Hangar

Emirates ranks among top ten safest airlines

Aviation website AirlineRatings.com ranks Emirates as the eighth safests airline in the world, based on a number of factors including crash records, fleet age, profitability and much more.

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