Wanted international drug kingpin arrested in Dubai
Wanted international drug kingpin arrested in Dubai

Major drug dealer worth over AED1 billion arrested in Dubai

Dubai Police have arrested wanted drug dealer Denis Matoshi from the Albanian gang Kompania Bello in a co-ordinated bust with 10 other organisations.

Bello is though to head up a crime syndicate that smuggled drugs between South America and Europe with a street value of 350 million euros (Dh1.523 billion). After being presented in the Dubai courts, he’ll be taken to Italy where he’s wanted for drug-trafficking.

Code-named Los Blancos, the operation took down 20 gang leaders wanted for murder and drug charges around the world in a co-ordinated bust last Tuesday.

Police had already placed Matoshi under close observation in Dubai before the ‘Red Notice’ came from the Italian Police that he was a wanted man.

“Upon exchanging information with the Italian authorities, we identified the drug kingpin whereabouts and monitored his daily movements and apprehended him as soon as we received the Red Notice”, Colonel Saeed Al Qamzi, director of the Wanted Persons Department at Dubai Police said.

More police success

Matoshi is just the latest wanted drug dealer to be arrested in Dubai.

Dutch crime lord Ridouan Taghi was arrested last December in the UAE.

Known as the Angel of Death, Moroccan-Dutch mafia Ridouan Taghi was wanted by Interpol after committing numerous crimes including drug trafficking in Europe and Africa. Dutch authorities faced difficulty in catching the villain. A €100,000 (Dh410,000) reward was offered to anyone who could give information leading to his arrest.