Make Free Video And Voice Calls In The UAE With ToTok

You can now make free video calls in the UAE with the ToTok app! The news comes after BOTIM announced its move to the ToTok brand.

ToTok app will enable users to make free video calls from the UAE

Ahh, could this finally be what we’ve all been waiting for? A way to easily make FREE video calls within the UAE? BOTIM, the video calling service which has been available in the UAE until now as a paid service, has moved under the Totok brand. And the best news, ToTock is free to use! BOTIM users received an SMS alert with the news:

We’re excited to announce that BOTIM recently agreed to continue providing communication services under the ToTok Brand.

ToTok is a free, fast and secure calling and messaging app that allows you to enjoy free voice and video calls with your family and friends, anywhere, any time, without any limits.”


Download the app from Google Play here or the Apple App Store here.

So what about existing BOTIM users?

There’s been no official report yet about what will happen to the paid BOTIM service that has been in place until now. The service has allowed users to access video and voice calls over the internet with a paid subscription but with the transition to ToTok, it seems safe to say there will no longer be a need for it on a standalone basis.

Will What’sApp calling be unblocked in too?

Last month we reported there had been talk of What’sApp voice and video calls being unblocked in the near future. So far, there’s been no news of this happening but we’ll be keeping you posted on any updates as and when they come out.