man arrested after trying to sell a wolf in Dubai
man arrested after trying to sell a wolf in Dubai

Man arrested after trying to sell a wolf in Dubai

A man has been arrested by Dubai Police after he tried to sell a real-life wolf to a buyer in the city.

Dubai Police were tipped off that a man was looking to sell a wolf in Dubai. After a long investigation, they set up a trap to catch the man and arrest him.

The Police operation was the first to involve the Environmental Crimes Division.

“We handled our first case – a man trying to sell a wolf illegally,” said Col Khalfan Al Jallaf, head of the unit.

“An arrest warrant was issued by prosecutors and we caught the man during the selling process.”

The new division will tackle crimes against wildlife and the illegal sale of exotic animals. And those caught can be fined anywhere between AED50,000 and AED500,000.

The wolf has now been given the proper shelter and care needed by the Dubai Municipality.

So please: stick to cats and dogs and stick insects!

Sharjah to open largest safari park outside Africa

Sharjah will open the largest safari park outside Africa later this year on a huge reserve covering 16 square km.

Located near Al Dhaid, the park will house up to 50,000 animals including giraffes, rhinos, turtles, crocodiles.

The safari park will also host pythons, flamingos, and lots of other large reptiles, birds, and wild animals. And it’s been developed by Shurooq, the Sharjah government, and the Environment and Protected Areas Authority.

The aim is to create a sustainable tourism resort and safari park. And to turn the Al Dhaid area into a tourism destination in its own right. Handily, Al Dhaid is just an hour’s drive from Dubai.