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A Frenchman has blown up part of his house while trying to swat a fly that had been annoying him.

The man who was in his 80s was about to sit down for dinner when he heard the buzzing.

Annoyed, he picked up an electric fly swatter – you can see where this is going now – and tried to take the fly down in his house.

But a leaky gas canister at his home in the Dordogne region of France caused a chain reaction between the electricity and the gas.

And that chain reaction was an explosion that ripped through his kitchen and partially destroyed the roof of his house.

Somehow, the man escaped unhurt with just a burn to his hand.

There is, sadly, no news on the fly. But let’s hope he lived to buzz another day. The would-be-swatter has now checked into a local campsite while his family fix up his damaged house.

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