Photograph credit: Viraj Asher/DubaiLAD

Man Caught Swimming In Dubai Creek With Drugs In His Stomach

Officers at the UAE’s Public Prosecution dealt with the unusual case of a man who was caught swimming in Dubai Creek, and sentenced him to deportation for smuggling drugs.

Man caught swimming in Dubai Creek

As if there aren’t enough swimming pools, infinity pools or free beaches in our city, the man, identified as a 29-year-old Nigerian, decided to dive into Dubai Creek and swim around. In fact, the saltwater creek is home to a busy port, boat stations, abra rides and dhow cruises riding daily which could prove potentially fatal to someone going for a swim. In fewer words, trouble was bound to happen.

Rescue operations discover something more sinister

Once alerted, Dubai Police launched a rescue operation to find the man, and before he was questioned, the 29-year-old complained of “stomach pain.” A sergeant from Dubai Police said, “We referred him to the police department. But before he could be questioned, he complained of stomach pain.” After an examination, it was discovered he was attempting to smuggle 469 grams of methamphetamine, according to Gulf News.

Drugs seized and deportation sentence issued

His case was then referred to Dubai’s Court of First Instance. In the end, he was found guilty and has been slapped with multiple charges, including paying an AED 50,000 fine, serving a seven-year jail term, followed by deportation. Dubai Police also seized 468,35 grams of crystal meth from the Nigerian tourist, after finding capsules of drugs inside a washroom he went o. They say, “He confessed he had taken the drugs in his home country before arriving here.”