Man caught with 34kg of cannabis at Dubai airport
Man caught with 34kg of cannabis at Dubai airport

Man caught with 34kg of cannabis at Dubai airport

A Nigerian man is in court after being caught with 34kg of cannabis hidden in three plastic bags in his luggage at Dubai Airport.

The 26-year-old man was caught at Terminal 2 last October after arriving on a visit visa.

And customs inspectors discovered the haul of drugs after searching his luggage.

“He looked suspicious and I was tasked to search his luggage,” the inspector said.

“The luggage was made of three large plastic bags which all contained drugs.”

To put that weight into context, that’s the same weight as a young teenager or a fully-grown armadillo. No wonder he looked suspicious!

The accused man claims that he did not know what was in the bags and he’d been asked by someone else to deliver the cannabis packages to a man in Dubai.

The man denies possessing and smuggling drugs with intent to sell with the verdict at the Dubai Criminal Court due on February 28.

Dubai Police shut down huge illegal desert camp party

Dubai Police have confirmed they’ve shut down a huge desert camp that illegally organised a private party for hundreds of people.

Dubai Police were working alongside Dubai Tourism as they shut down the desert camp. The huge camp violated a number of Covid-19 measures.

The camp operator was fined AED50,000 and each person there was fined AED15,000.

Dubai Media Office posted this video below highlighting just how big the desert camp was.