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Sharjah Police are investigating the case of a Bangladeshi victim crushed to death while he made repairs at a car workshop.

Car collapsed on man while making repairs

At 8:30 pm last Wednesday, the Bangladeshi mechanic got crushed to death when the car fell on him at a warehouse in Al Saja industrial area. Sharjah Police were reported and instantly arrived at the location, transferring his body to a hospital and later to a forensic laboratory for an autopsy. The police units are working to determine the circumstances of the incident.

2018 a bad year for car-related accidents

From reckless driving to jumping in front of a speeding truck and crashing into an ATM, this year has witnessed a great deal of fatal and near-fatal accidents. Most recently, Abu Dhabi Police released footage of a speeding SUV crash the side of another vehicle and swerved on two wheels. Check out the footage:

Check out this insane accident in Saudi Arabia

Meanwhile, it’s been an insane year of bizarre accidents in Saudi Arabia too. Last month, CCTV footage showed a madcap losing control over his SUV, crashing into a sedan and then into a hair-cutting saloon. Find it too good to be true? Check it out:

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