Man found living in airport for three months due to fears he'd catch Covid
Man found living in airport for three months due to fears he'd catch Covid

Man found living in airport for three months due to fears he’d catch Covid

A man has been found in Chicago’s international airport after living there for three months as he was afraid of catching Covid-19 in the outside world.

Aditya Singh, 36, was arrested on Saturday after airline staff confronted him and asked for his ID. Up until that point, he’d been using an operations manager’s badge which had gone missing in October.

Mr Singh arrived from LA on October 19. And didn’t leave for three months. How did he shower? Did he even shower? Where did he sleep?

He used his found badge to get around the airport and relied on handouts from other passengers for food.

We’re not sure what we’re more worried about: a man hiding from the world for three months or the fact he could do it in a highly secure airport environment. And how did he hide when airports were pretty much deserted with no passengers? DubaiLAD want answers!

Scared to go home

According to Assistant State Attorney Kathleen Hagerty, he was ‘scared to go home due to Covid.’ And she also questioned just how a man could live undetected in the airport for three months.

“So if I understand you correctly, you’re telling me that an unauthorised, non-employee individual was allegedly living within a secure part of the O’Hare airport terminal from 19 October 2020 to 16 January 2021, and was not detected? I want to understand you correctly,” she said to the prosecutor at the start of the trail.

Mr Singh does not have a criminal background. But he’s now been charged with criminal trespass and barred from entering the airport if he makes bail.

“The court finds these facts and circumstances quite shocking for the alleged period of time that this occurred,” Judge Ortiz said.

“Based upon the need for airports to be absolutely secure so that people feel safe to travel, I do find those alleged actions do make him a danger to the community.”

It’s all very, very reminiscent of this Tom Hanks film from 2004, The Terminal.