Man steals two mangoes

Man Gets Fined AED 5,000 and Deported over Two Mangoes

An Indian airport worker who stole two mangoes from a cargo shipment has been fined AED 5,000. The petty thief has also been given a three month suspended sentence and deportation order.

A thirst for theft

Caught on camera

When questioned, the man explained that he had been feeling thirsty while at work. Whilst handling luggage on the baggage belt at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, he spotted a box of fruit. On opening it, he took two mangoes, ate them and left.

The incident happened back in August 2017, but came to light after a security guard spotted the fruit rustler on surveillance footage.

In April 2018, the police questioned the man and searched his home. No stolen items were found during the search, but this year the case reached court.

An expensive mistake

As a result of taking the two mangoes worth AED 6, the 27 year old fruit thief is facing the full force of the law. Slapped with an AED 5,000 fine, a 3 month suspended sentence and impending deportation, he has 15 days to appeal the verdict. It is not clear why the case only reached court this year.

Those breaking the law in the UAE are often unknowingly caught on camera. Last year, thanks to security footage, Dubai Police tracked down criminals who had swiped AED 150,000 off a table.