Man Ordered To Return Dh118,000 to Ex-wife who paid to get him out of jail

Sometimes a divorce doesn’t mean you’ll never have to deal with your ex ever again!

A court has recently ordered a man to pay Dh118,800 back to his ex-wife. The ex had paid Dh90,000 to settle his debt and Dh28,880 for traffic fines.

The man was sent to jail for his inability to repay this debt that was later cleared by his wife. She had also cleared his traffic violations fines. However, following the mans release from jail, the man divorced her!

Wife filed a lawsuit

According to court records, the couple initially separated, and then later, the estranged wife filed a lawsuit at the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance.

The woman demanded that her ex-husband return her Dh133,800 that he owed to her. She also alleged that her husband had insisted that she arranged the money to get him released from jail and that he made a promise to repay her the funds after he got out of jail.

But he never stuck to his word…            

Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance orders defendant to pay

The woman noted to the courts that she had paid Dh90,000 and Dh28,880 to settle his debt and traffic fines respectively, and the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance ordered the defendant to pay the total of Dh118,800 back to his ex-wife.

Although the defendant moved the Abu Dhabi Appeals Court, his plea was dismissed, and the lower court’s verdict was upheld. So it looks like the ex-wife will be getting her money back, after all!