Man uses real life snake as face mask covering on bus
Man uses real life snake as face mask covering on bus

Man uses a snake as a face mask covering on public transport

A man boarded a bus in the UK using a snake – an actual slithering real-life snake – as a face mask.

Oh, 2020, you really don’t disappoint.

Passengers and the driver thought it was merely a ‘funky mask’ until the snake started slithering over hand rails.

Transport bosses in Manchester confirmed the snake was not a valid face mask covering. They said while there was a small degree of interpretation as to what a face mask is, we do not believe it extends to the use of snakeskin – especially when still attached to the snake.”

Time to leave Earth?

If that story makes you feel like you want to stop the ride and get off and explore other worlds, we’d like to join you.

And you could be in luck as there might be life on Venus!

They’ve discovered a gas that has previously only been found in living organisms.

Phosphine is usually associated with life on earth. It’s a mix of phosphorous and hydrogen and is found in microbes that live in penguins. It’s also found in swamp-like conditions with poor oxygen.

And scientists have now discovered the gas floating 50km up in the Venus atmosphere.

Which leads them to two questions – is there life on Venus producing this gas? And is that life actually penguins that can fly at an altitude of 50km? (Actually, that second question is from DubaiLAD – how cool would flying Venus penguins be!?)

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