Marriott Casino Job Dubai Manager
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Marriott Denies Job Posting For Casino Manager in Dubai

There has been confusion surrounding international hospitality heavyweight Marriott after posting a casino manager vacancy in Dubai.

Vacancy for a casino manager

Recently, Marriott posted a job vacancy for a ‘Senior Manager, Casino Operations Execution.’ The listing mentions level 12 at Central Park Towers in DIFC as their location.

One user posted a screenshot of the opening on Reddit Dubai, making people wonder if the international hoteliers are planning to introduce a casino.

Marriott denies casino job for Dubai

A rep from the luxury hotel chain responded to the job posting, claiming the Dubai office handles roles for the region.

The spokesperson told a local newspaper, “We operate casinos outside of the UAE and currently operate Casino’s in North and South Africa which are managed by the respective teams from our regional headquarters.”

Casinos illegal in the UAE

Gambling is banned in the country, due to Islamic religious foundations. Even cruise liners are prohibited from any casino activity until they cross international waters. Anyone caught gambling in the UAE could end up in prison or receive a Dhs 20,000 fine.

Marriott Casino Job Dubai Manager

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