Huge blaze takes out Ajman market
Huge blaze takes out Ajman market

Massive fire takes out Ajman market

A massive fire broke out yesterday evening in Ajman market in which hundreds of shops and stalls were burned to the ground.

The fire is believed to have started around 6.30pm before spreading across the fruit and vegetable market.

Incredibly, there were no casualties or injuries due to the fire thanks to the quick response from the authorities. The market had also been closed for several months due to Covid-19 safety measures.

A nearby hospital was evacuated due to concerns over the huge plumes of smoke spewing into the sky.

It’s not clear how the fire broke out. But it was under control within three hours.

The Ajman Fire Department were helped out by teams from Dubai, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. And there were 25 police crews on fire to help evacuate buildings and set up a perimeter around the blaze.

Beirut latest

More than a hundred people have been killed and thousands injured as two huge explosions rocked the port area in Beirut on Tuesday evening creating chaos across the city.

Lebanon’s prime minister Michel Aoun has called for three days of mourning and declared a two-week state of emergency.

Hospitals, already under pressure due to the pandemic, struggled to cope with the demand through the night. And the Lebanese Red Cross put out urgent calls for people in the region to donate blood

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