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Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, shares a video with camels in Dubai on his Instagram.

Watched over 1.2 million times, the video shows the Dubai Crown Prince calling the camels over to his car by name.

And the camels respond immediately! As would we if we were called by the Crown Prince, to be fair.

Meet Emaar and Al Faris, Sheikh Hamdan's camels!
Meet Emaar and Al Faris, Sheikh Hamdan’s camels!

Al Faris is the first to saunter over after hearing Hamdan’s call. He then tells Al Faris to call Emaar over. Both camels then head over to the Mercedes G63 for a kiss and a cuddle.

The 70-second clip has over 11,000 comments. Nearly all praising Sheikh Hamdan for his love of animals.

It’s not the first time the internet has gone crazy over the Crown Prince and his love of animals. Back in 2019, a clip of him and Moochi the Lion went viral.

And there’s this clip from several years ago where the Crown Prince helped rescue a tired, lost and confused oryx in the desert.

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