The Shark Abu Dhabi
The Shark Abu Dhabi

Meet The Shark, the UAE’s latest hi-tech firefighting gadget!

Being a firefighter is one of the toughest jobs going. But the UAE firefighters do seem to be a cut above, especially when it comes to the equipment they get to use.

We’ve only just got over this jet-powered remote-controlled robot that we wrote about recently and Abu Dhabi is already announcing yet another hi-tech addition!

This time it’s The Shark, a bright yellow firefighting speedboat that can be operated via remote control.

The 10m-long craft has been in use for five months but was officially unveiled at the recent UAE Innovation Month.

The firefighting Shark can be controlled from land using online navigation, meaning no firefighters are put in harm’s way. The Shark is also equipped with night cameras and thermal imaging. Plus it has a range of on-board sensors that automatically record data about the fire.

And the on-board cameras give the control room the perfect view of what’s happening at the fire.

The twin-engine boat costs around AED1.83m and works remotely using a 3G network and a joystick or control pad.

The Shark uses a special hose that sucks in seawater, mixes it with a special foaming agent and sprays it into the fire. And it can fire out 1,900 litres of water a second, with the water pressure and direction controlled remotely.

Plus, with a maximum speed of 74km/h, it’s expected to reduce response times to fires at sea.