In-house McDonalds restaurant
In-house McDonalds restaurant

Missing McDonalds? Then make your own in-house lockdown restaurant like this family!

One Scottish family have come up with a very creative way of making sure they eat out while staying in by creating their own lockdown restaurant.

The in-house lockdown restaurant is the brainchild of Gary and Liz Paterson from Perth in Scotland. Keen to keep their kids motivated during home-schooling they promised their two children, Violet, 9 and Arthur, 6, they’d take them out for dinner at the end of the first week.

And as the parents work in their own graphic design and print agency, getting the restaurant up and running visually was no problem.

So, hey presto, the Teeny Tiny Restaurant was created!

Located in a playhouse in the garden, the restaurant theme changes every week. Last Saturday it was McPaterson’s, taking its inspiration from the Golden Arches.

And this week’s theme? An Indian feast!

What a cool family. Maybe they’d be looking to adopt a DubaiLAD team when life gets back to normal?

Until then, we’re setting up our own shawarma stand at DubaiLAD towers and pretending everything is back to normal.