UAE Customs
UAE Customs

Monkeys, falcons, pills… just some of the items found by UAE customs

Ever wondered just what weird – and truly weird – things UAE customs find on their searches?

How about some of these…

White apes in a suitcase
Drugged falcons wrapped in cloth
Dead crocodiles stuffed in a bag
Blood ampules for sorcery
Millions of pills hidden in a boat fuel tank

And there was the recent case we covered where a man tried to smuggle 300g of diamonds in his stomach.

Yup, that is a truly weird collection of smuggled items! But fair play to the UAE customs officials who have stopped smugglers bringing that lot into the country.

Dubai Customs was recently praised for its innovative approach to their work. Using AI and carefully trained operators, they’ve caught hundreds of would-be smugglers at the borders.

Thousands of arrests each year

In total, Cargo Village Customs Centre completed nearly 200,000 inspections last year, making 715 seizures.

Dubai airport was just as successful last year, catching more than 1,000 people attempting to smuggle illegal goods into the country. Those caught included organised gangs who’d spent a lot of time trying to conceal drugs to more random attempts.

One smuggler tried to hide 2.7kg of heroin in a wheelchair during the Special Olympic Games in the Emirates. Another case involved a man trying to smuggle 25.5kg of marijuana in a suitcase.