Photograph credit: du Tough Mudders

More High-Octane Obstacles Coming To the Du Tough Mudder

Boy oh boy! It’s going to be a thrilling season of sport this winter as if Sheikh Hamdan’s Dubai Fitness Challenge was enough to get us pumped to exercise, du has announced the return of its world-renowned ‘Tough Mudder’ obstacle course challenge!

Challenge returns this December

Gear up adrenaline junkies! The telecom operating giant’s exciting obstacle challenge is returning for its third edition from 7th-8th December at Hamdan Sports Complex. Over the years, the obstacle course has put together a life-changing adventure with a series of obstacles hosting the ultimate challenge of physical strength, stamina and grit. This time, the popular obstacle run return over an insane 10k race!

Blockness Monster and Everest 2.0 are coming back, oh yeah!!!

Calling all thrill-seeking and courageous fitness freaks! The likes of ‘Everest 2.0’, ‘Blockness Monster’ and ‘Electroshock Therapy’ are back for the third edition. First off, there’s a mighty mountain aka ‘Everest 2.0′ that requires participants to climb up but the journey from there depends on participants’ ability to hold on to a 15” recurved pipe and stay atop.

What’s next, the ‘Blockness Monster’ challenge is doable for those coming in groups but hard as hell for individuals! It requires participants to push, pull and roll their way through 60ft of slick, rotating barriers. Whereas, the course ends with ‘Electroshock Therapy’, a short muddy sprint. Not easy as it sounds though as they’ve got a field of “dangling wires” delivering a punch of 10,000 volts, perhaps its du Tough Mudder’s way of saying congratulations!

Photograph credit: du Tough Mudders

New additions to the 2018 edition

Literally, it’s survival of the fittest at Tough Mudder and to make things even more challenging, they’ve added a 10k course with more obstacles and more mud than ever before. If you can make it through the course, you’re a fully-fledged daredevil! What’s more, they’ve got challenges for the little ones too. For the first time, they’re introducing ‘Mini Mudders’, a challenge for children aged 7-13 years old participating in an engaging 1.5k obstacle mud run on a newly designed course.

Photograph credit: du Tough Mudders

Workouts and training available to prepare for the challenge

Gymgoers and fitness fanatics who wish to prepare for the upcoming challenge can start off by training with du Tough Mudder’s official training partner, Warehouse Gym. They’ve come up with a four-week training plan you can check for free and to celebrate their fifth outlet opening this month, they’re giving five annual memberships through an ongoing competition. With the purchase of a Tough Mudder’s ticket, participants will automatically enter the draw to win a free membership. The competition will end on 8th September and winners will be announced the following day.

Photograph credit: du Tough Mudders

Challenge like no other

Looks like the organizing team behind the du Tough Mudder are pumped for the upcoming edition. Christian Moufarrej, Event Director for du Tough Mudder is confident the upcoming event will “not disappoint our Mudders” and has high hopes of “delivering the best in class obstacles.” He said “The Tough Mudder brand has continued to grow from strength year on year since launching in Dubai in 2016. The thrilling obstacle challenge prides itself on delivering the best in class obstacles that you can’t find anywhere else and we are constantly working to further enhance the participant experience. We anticipate the 2018 edition of du Tough Mudder to be another huge success across the UAE and not disappoint our Mudders”.

Photograph credit: du Tough Mudders