Most UAE employees want to work from home
Most UAE employees want to work from home

Most UAE employees want to work from home

A new survey of employees in the UAE has revealed that 67% of people say they’re more productive working from home.

And 78% say that the old 9-5 working day is outdated and has been replaced with ‘anytime working.’

We weren’t part of the survey, but let us just give those two findings a ‘hell yeah!’

The survey also revealed why people didn’t want to return to the office.

45.2% said it was due to the commute while 37.2% blamed noisy phone calls.

Another 36.4% were worried about people looking over their shoulder at what they are doing. And – something we can identify with – 31.6% complained about noisy colleagues!

But those freedoms could come with risks.

60% of UAE workers worried that working remotely could affect their career progression and development.

You can check out the full results of the survey by US firm Poly here.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed says UAE has ‘overcome’ Covid-19 crisis

The UAE has come through the Covid-19 crisis and is in ‘good condition’ according to Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed said that the country had ‘overcome the Covid-19 crisis’ and life should return to normal.

“I am blessed to see your kind faces today and I announce to you that things are good; the health condition in the UAE is good. I would like to affirm to you all that our lives must get back to normal,” Sheikh Mohamed said in video footage from the session released by state news agency Wam.