Ms Marvel is the new Muslim Superhero the World Needs

Marvel’s Avengers are getting together once again, this time for a blockbuster video game.

The new game features the usuals Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America. This time however, they are joined by a new addition…. Kamala Khan!

Kamala Khan is the latest character to adopt the Ms Marvel name. She’s a Muslim-American teen of Pakistani heritage and her superpower consists of shape-shifting abilities.

Representation In Gaming

The announcement that Marvel Avengers would include Kamala Khan as one of its main playable characters got lots of praise.

Kamala Khan was co-created by editor and director Sana Amanat in 2014 and as a Muslim-American herself, she wanted to create a character that young girls of a similar background could identify with and look up to.

During the promotion of the game, Amanat said:

“I think it’s absolutely insane that Kamala is in one of the biggest Marvel games that we’ve done.The fact that she’s the entry point character in this game makes so much sense. People from all backgrounds can relate to her.”


Ms Marvel Over The Years

Since 1976, Ms Marvel has been used by several white characters in the comic books which included Sharon Ventura and Dr Karla Sofen, however the very first incarnation was Carol Danvers in 1977.

The character dropped the Ms Marvel Moniker in 2010 and became known as Captain Marvel in 2012. On screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the role is played by Brie Larson.

This has allowed for a new character to become Ms Marvel.        

Kamala Khan

Readers were first introduced to Kamala Khan in 2014. The 16-year-old Pakistani-American character grew up in Jersey City.

Khan has shape-shifting abilities and just so happens to be a fan-girl of the Avengers.

She has become the brands first Muslim character to lead her own comic book series!

Ms Marvel is yet to be portrayed in a live-action movies – perhaps we should watch this space!