Dubai Courts give sentence of attempted murder

Murder Attempt by a Group of Five, Including a Mother and Sons

The five assailants received a verdict of attempted murder from Dubai Court of First Instance. Their victim was an Emirati man, tortured by the woman, her two sons and three of their friends after they locked him inside their villa. The incident happened in September 2018, after he had allegedly been having a relationship with the woman’s daughter.

A bad romance

Apparently, the attacked man had become involved with the 18 year old after speaking to her regularly on Instagram. She had told him that she was frequently assaulted at the hands of her brothers, leading the man to urge her to report the situation to the police.

After taking the young woman to Bur Dubai Police Station to report the abuse, he later asked her to cease contact with him. He made the request on learning that her family had found out about his interactions with her. The young Emirati woman subsequently confirmed the story, and said that he had taken a decision to end contact based on a fear of her family, including her two brothers aged 19 and 27.


Despite his attempts to break contact, the jobless Emirati later heard directly from the family, telling him that the 18 year old had run away. Under the pretense of needing his help to find her, they managed to lure the unsuspecting victim into meeting them. The group of five bundled the man into a van and took him to their villa in Al Rashidya where they began a session of torture and verbal threats.

The accuser was reported saying, “They stabbed me with a small knife on my arm and told me that they will kill me. They assaulted me and asked me to take off my clothes and clicked pictures. They assaulted me again with knives and the first defendant came in asking me about the location of her daughter. I told her that I didn’t know anything about her daughter and she told me they will slaughter me”.

Sentenced to two years

The abusers had dropped the man at a hospital where foul play was suspected based on his wounds. Police were alerted, resulting in a trial at The Dubai Court of First Instance. A sentence of two years for attempted murder and torture was placed upon the five defendants.

At the end of last year, the courts in the UAE had to handle another murder case where a worker successfully managed to kill his boss over a pay increase row.