Man turns up naked to Zoom chat with Brazil president
Man turns up naked to Zoom chat with Brazil president

Naked businessman turns up on Zoom call with Brazil’s president

Zoom meetings are a relatively new thing for most people, but that still doesn’t forgive this businessman turning up naked to a Zoom chat with Brazil’s president.

And yes, the President noticed.

The incident took place during a virtual meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro and Paulo Skaf, the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo.

The President noticed the man to the bottom right of the screen acting strangely and then getting naked.

“Paulo, there’s a colleague there in the last little square. He left, is he okay?” the president reportedly said.

The Minister of Industry, Paulo Guedes, who was on the call and next to Bolsonaro, reportedly said: ‘There is a guy having a shower there, naked.”

Bolsonaro reportedly responded saying, “Unfortunately we saw. It was a shaky picture but we saw, unfortunately.”

Bearing in mind this is a far-right president not known for his patience, getting naked on a Zoom chat might not be the best policy!

And it’s not just Brazil that’s fallen for Zoom. The video-app is now one of the highest-valued companies in the world!