Parks in Dubai to re-open
Parks in Dubai to re-open

Nearly all parks in Dubai now re-open

For many, it’s been a long time without any nature or fresh air but the good news is that most of the parks in Dubai are now re-open.

Over 70 parks across Dubai are now re-open from yesterday, meaning you can now get out for exercise, read a book on the grass or top up your tan. Parks across Dubai will re-open in three stages, with the final stage complete by May 25.

There are a number of rules in place, however, before you head down to your nearest park.

You need to wear a mask and gloves at all times. And you need to be practising social distancing of 2m. Plus, bring your hand sanitizer with you for when you first get in and then leave.

And perhaps most importantly, if you do have any symptoms of the Coronavirus, please stay at home and self-isolate.

There’s more good news as Dubai opened its first drive-in cinema last weekend!