Netflix sign long term deal with Saudi studio
Netflix sign long term deal with Saudi studio

Netflix signs long-term deal with Saudi animation studio Myrkott

The Middle East is increasingly getting represented thanks to Netflix, with the latest deal involving Saudi animation studio Myrkott.

Myrkott is probably best known for its Masameer series which takes a playful look at life in the Middle East.

Masameer introduces ‘Dana’ as a Saudi girl who tries to make the world better through the use of AI. ‘Helping’ her along the way are Saad, Saltooh and Trad who instead want to be crime-fighting superheroes.

Myrkott is at the forefront of creative storytelling and animation in the region. We are continually investing in authentic stories from Saudi Arabia to share their stories across the Arab world and globally.”

We want to give our members access to great stories that can travel far and wide” said Nuha El Tayeb, Director, Content Acquisitions, MENAT at Netflix.

Very interestingly as well, Myrkott are planning an adult animation series – please, please, please be a Bojack Horseman for the Middle East!

Netflix sign up Emirati film

As well as looking to Saudi, Netflix also recently signed Emirati sci-fi film Aerials which was made back in 2016.

The sci-fi feature film was directed by S A Zaidi and produced by Ghanem Ghubash and took three years to make. The duo also self-funded the film via their Fat Brothers Film production studio. And that work has hopefully paid off after Netflix snapped it up! And with over 167 million subscribers, that’s a lot of possible new fans!

The film’s plot involves a global alien take-over and focusses on Dubai. And in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has a very relatable storyline.