6 Underground Ryan Reynolds Netflix Abu Dhabi Michael bay
Photograph credit: Netflix

Netflix’s ‘6 Underground’ Shot In Abu Dhabi Releases Tomorrow

Michael Bay’s latest action-thriller shot in Abu Dhabi, 6 Underground is releasing on Netflix tomorrow, 13th December.

Check out the trailer for ‘6 Underground’

Netflix recently dropped the hotly anticipated trailer starring Ryan Reynolds, Adria Arjona, Mélanie Laurent and Dave Franco in lead roles. The high-octane prelude showcases a tech billionaire who faked his own death, leading a crew of flamboyant operatives to take down a brutal dictator. Take a look:

Select scenes shot in Abu Dhabi

Michael Bay, Ryan Reynolds and the ‘6 Underground’ cast descended upon Abu Dhabi in November last year to shoot a few scenes in Reem Island and in the deserts. Some roads were blocked during their schedule with Abu Dhabi Police warning of “loud sound effects.”

6 Underground Ryan Reynolds Netflix Abu Dhabi Michael bay

Here’s what Ryan Reynolds said during their time shooting in the capital:

“Shooting in Abu Dhabi is going to be one of the highlights of this production, although you’ll have to wait until the movie hits Netflix to find out why. We’ve only been here a few days so far, but the welcome from everyone has been amazing and I can’t wait to explore Abu Dhabi more.”

Ryan Reynolds

‘6 Underground’ one of Netflix’s biggest-budget films

There’s a great deal of anticipation surrounding 6 Underground’s release tomorrow, being one of the biggest budget films produced by Netflix. The movie cost about $150 million (AED 550m) to make.

It comes as little surprise that the film had such a hefty price tag, with director Michael Bay having a reputation for directing big-budget movies, notably the ‘Transformers’ series.

6 Underground releases on 13th December. Click here to watch the film on Netflix.