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New law by Federal National Council will put an end to begging

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has approved a new law by the Federal National Council(FNC) which includes a fine and imprisonment to put end to begging before Ramadan.

Begging can lead to 3 months jail and 5,000 dhs fine

Individuals caught begging will be fined 5,000 dhs and will be jailed for three months. Not only that, organized begging by gangs and mafia groups can lead to a fine of 100,000 dhs and above as well as a jail term of six months and above.

Anti-begging campaign during Ramadan was conducted last year in Dubai

During the Holy month of Ramadan, generosity among worshippers is common although some take a wrongful advantage of their attitude, which is why Dubai Police’s campaign warned citizens and residents to report any form of begging happening. Two years, ago, according to Khaleej Times, Dubai Police arrested 1,021 beggars during Ramadan. Dubai Police also warned citizens and residents to report calls from unknown people begging for money in 2013.

Charity Organizations are available for assistance

Social, humanitarian and charitable organizations in the country are there to assist the poor. There are 26 organizations and such as Dubai Cares and Emirates Foundation. The International Humanitarian City in Dubai is a hub for NGOs providing humanitarian aid.