New Nike ‘habibi’ trainers celebrate the UAE flag
New Nike ‘habibi’ trainers celebrate the UAE flag

New Nike ‘habibi’ trainers are all about the UAE

Nike has looked to the UAE for their latest release as their ‘Habibi’ trainers celebrate the UAE flag and its red, white and green colour scheme.

Skating brand Nike SB has teamed up with Dubai company Frame Skate for the updated ‘habibi’ version of its Dunk Low trainers.

And the end result is the amazing Frame Skate x SB Dunk Low ‘Habibi’ trainers. Which look dope!

The limited-edition sneakers feature laces inspired by traditional Keffiyehs and overlapping black and green Nike swooshes.


The brand new trainers have been showcased on Instagram. But there’s been no announcement on when they’ll officially drop, so hold tight sneaker crew!

Apple update emojis with Arabic ‘wait’ symbol

Apple has updated its range of emojis and now features the popular Arab gesture  which means ‘wait’ or ‘be patient.’ It can also mean be quiet or to calm down. There’s not a day that it’s not used in the DubaiLAD office tbh.

Which will be great news for Arab parents across the world who undoubtedly use the gesture the most!

The updated Apple emojis features on the latest iOS 14.2 updates.

New Apple emojis

The gesture is very common across the Middle East – you simply bring your fingertips together while holding your hand out. It’s also referred to as Osbor Shwaya and shway shway in Arabic slang. As well as being popular in the Middle East, it’s also a common sight in Italy.