Alcohol rules relaxed in Dubai to help boost economy
Alcohol rules relaxed in Dubai to help boost economy

New smart card makes it much easier to buy alcohol in Dubai

The Dubai government has stepped in to make getting an alcohol license much easier with a new smart card.

The new smart black license comes into action from August 31 and replaces the previous red card system.

The new black card dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork required. Where previously, you’d need passport copies, NOCs, tenancy agreements and salary certificates, now you only need your Emirates ID to get a license from MMI or A+E.

MMI’s managing director Mike Glen said:  “Getting a licence has now become so much easier. By transitioning to the new system, the amount of paperwork involved has been dramatically reduced.”

The license costs AED270 as before with new cards AED25 which can be used as credit in-store. And you’ll need a license to drink, purchase or transport alcohol in Dubai.

Sales down year on year

Alcohol sales are down over 10% from 2017. And alcohol sales are often seen in the economy as a sign of confidence in finances and the economy.

And with sales down year on year, the government has moved to help the industry and boost confidence.

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