Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

New Smart Tunnel System Announced To Speed Up Immigration At DXB

Dubai International Airport (DXB) debuted the all-new ‘Smart Tunnel’ technology, replacing traditional systems of completing immigration with a passport.

Smart tunnel to speed up immigration at Dubai International Airport 

Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs developed the all-new ‘Smart Tunnel’ at Dubai International Airport (DXB) this week. In a first, the system allows air travelers to complete immigration within 15 seconds without their passport. Air travelers are required to walk through the tunnel and look at the camera. The camera uses biometric recognition technology, allowing passengers to board their flight without their passport(s) getting stamped.

Smart gate users eligible to use Smart Tunnel

Currently, Smart Tunnel is operating on a trial basis. Once launched, smart gate users are automatically eligible to use the technology since their information is already registered. However, those who haven’t used smart gates will be required to register their details on dedicated kiosks and a registration counter.

Busiest month at DXB marked last August

Dubai International Airport marked its busiest month ever receiving 8.37 million visitors in August, taking over its former record of 8.23 million visitors in the same month last year. India remained the top destination by customer volumes, surpassing one million visitors, followed by Saudi Arabia with 613,618 visitors and the UK with 603,531 visitors.

Moreover, there’s no stopping for the world’s busiest airport. CEO Paul Griffith expressed DXB’s aim to “continue pushing the boundaries,” saying “While the numbers speak volumes about our growth, our aim is to continue pushing the boundaries on experience and provide customers with the best possible service. We are making progress on that front as well with shorter queue times, world-leading F&B and retail and other touches like spas, swimming pools and trampolines that help us stand out from the crowd.”

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office