Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

New Social Media Study Ranks Dubai Among Top 10 Cities To Live In 2019

In its annual ranking of best places to live in the world, tourism and real estate research firm Resonance Consultancy ranked Dubai the ninth best city to live in 2019.

Study based on social media reviews and ratings

Unlike economic, investment and visitors-related figures, this report was entirely based on online reviews and ratings. Resonance Consultancy went about a methodology involving 23 factors in six key categories, using a combination of core statistics and online perception ratings and reviews for cities having a population of over one million. So, this involves TripAdvisor reviews, Facebook check-ins, Google searches and Google Trends.

Dubai ranked the ninth best city to live in

As per the annual Resonance Consultancy report, they’ve named Dubai the ninth best city to live in 2019! Our city ranked higher than metropolitan cities Sydney, Los Angeles, Madrid, San Francisco and Hong Kong. What’s more, Dubai ranks well ahead among cities in the Middle East, with Doha ranked 40th and Abu Dhabi ranked 44th.

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

London ranked the best city to live in

Meanwhile, London crowns the title as the best city to live in, followed by Paris ranked second and New York claiming the third position. Four cities from Europe have made it into the ranks, followed by three cities from the US, two cities from Asia and Dubai as the only city from the Middle East.

Top Cities to Live in 2019

1. London

2. Paris

3. New York

4. Tokyo

5. Barcelona

6. Moscow

7. Chicago

8. Singapore

9. Dubai

10. San Francisco

Photograph credit: Visit London

Dubai ranks even higher in other polls

Besides the social media-driven data, Dubai has been ranked the second best city to live in, taking factors like crime, neighbourhoods and activities, as well as ranked sixth in weather. Chris Fair, President of Resonance Consultancy explained, “The emirate comes in at #2 in the world in our deep Place category, for which we look at influential factors like crime rate, neighbourhoods and landmarks, weather and parks and outdoor activities. Dubai ranks #6 in weather and finished second to only Hanoi for parks and outdoor activities.”