UAE builds huge new Coronavirus testing facility
UAE builds huge new Coronavirus testing facility

New UAE testing centre can process nearly half a million Coronavirus tests

The UAE has been leading the way in the region when it comes to the Coronavirus, and they’ve now built a new testing centre that can conduct 335,000 tests in a fortnight.

The state-of-the-art testing centre in Musaffah Abu Dhabi is now open. And it’s nearly doubled the testing capacity in Abu Dhabi, capable of running 335,000 Covid-19 tests every two weeks.

The UAE has already processed more than a million tests. It’s one of the leading countries in the world for the percentage of tests it runs per population. And, the new UAE Coronavirus testing centre will only improve the country’s impressive response to Covid-19.

Drive-through test centres have popped up across the UAE.

And Emirates can even test passengers in just 10-minutes before getting on a flight!