Photograph credit: Twitter/HHSkMohd

New Visa Facilities Will Make It Easy For Job Seekers And Tourists

Fresh graduates from universities and tourists planning to visit Dubai will be delighted to know the new visa facilities approved at a meeting at the UAE Cabinet.

Job seekers can avail a six months-temporary visa

Finding a job won’t be as time-constrained as it used to be, thanks to the newly approved six months temporary visa, which comes without any fees! This move will not only make it easier to find employment but will also make it simpler for companies to recruit and eliminate the rushed process of getting a visa.

Entry visa fees have been exempted for two days for tourists

Dubai International Airport has been the busiest airport for international travel for four years and according to statistics, the airport received 88.2 million passengers last year and 70% of them are transit passengers. With a whopping amount of transit passengers at the airport, a 96 hours entry visa was introduced to let transit tourists travel around the city and now with the newly approved regulation, they don’t have to pay the entry visa fees for their first 48 hours of stay.

Visa adjustment and student visas have been eased

From the UAE cabinet meeting, it was also approved that two-years-long visas will be granted to “talented” and “outstanding” students, whilst residents changing their visas won’t have to exit and re enter the city. The visa change can be adjusted without leaving Dubai. All these visa changes have come three weeks after the announcement of decade-long visas for investors, innovators and specialists.