Photograph credit: Twitter/WAM News / English

New visa rules will make it easier for professionals and students to live in UAE

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has announced that residency visas will be valid for ten years for three categories of residents.

Specialists, entrepreneurs and investors are eligible for the visa

Specialists from areas of medicine, scientific research and technical fields can apply for the ten-years visa whilst investors, innovators and entrepreneurs are eligible too. The meeting held by the UAE Cabinet also approved that foreign investors can have 100% business ownership.

Visa rules for students have been amended

Good news pals! Student visas may soon be implemented for up to five years, while high performing students are eligible to apply for a ten-years visa. The current visa scheme is being revised. If approved, it means that new university graduates can have their visas extended and take the time to decide their future.

Ministry of Economy will work on the implementation

By the third quarter this year, UAE’s Ministry of Economy will submit a detailed study dealing with the visa implementation helping the country become a hub for investors. Sheikh Mohammed said “The UAE offers an open & tolerant living environment, deeply rooted values, and excellent infrastructure. Our flexible regulations attract international investments & exceptional talent. UAE will always shine as the land of opportunities.”