Photograph credit: Viraj Asher/DubaiLAD and Dubai Media Office

New Visas For Tourists And Graduates Implemented

New visa rules approved by the UAE Cabinet take effect from today, offering a one-year extension for students and an easy option of renewing visas without leaving the country for tourists.

Visa extension for students

High school students, university graduates or individuals aged 18+ with visas sponsored by their parents will be granted a yearlong visa, which can be renewed for one more year. Both the visa fee and the renewal fee cost Dhs100 each, requiring an attested high school certificate/university degree and a Dhs5,000 deposit. The visa will be granted from the date the high school certificate/university degree was obtained. Once issued, the visa-holder cannot be out of UAE for over six months.

Renew tourist visa without leaving UAE

People on a visit visa or a tourist visa in UAE will no longer have to fly elsewhere and return to the country. The visa can be renewed for an additional monthlong period while being in the country. Special entry permit holders won’t be eligible for the visa renewal. Visa renewal will cost Dhs600. Plus, a Dhs100 fine will take effect after ten days for living in the country with an expired visa.

Photograph credit: Dubai Airports

Four day-long visas recently introduced

Recently, UAE launched a 96-hour long visa for transit passengers. Dubai International Airport (DXB), the busiest airport in the world by air traffic, was home to 70 million transit passengers last year. Hence, the special 96-hour visa was launched to allow transit passengers to explore the country. The best part, the visa costs just Dhs55. The visa won’t be eligible for renewal, however.

Photograph credit: Dubai Airports