Nigeria intruder left wing airplane
Photograph credit: Azman Air and Twitter

Nigerian Man Arrested For Climbing Airplane Wing Before Take-Off

A Nigerian man was arrested after illegally climbing onto a commercial airplane wing moments before it prepared for take-off.

Endangering the lives of passengers

Passengers aboard the Air Azman flight in Lagos heading to Port Harcourt spotted the Nigerian intruder running to the airplane.

The chaos began when the Nigerian man started climbing on the left wing of the airplane. The pilot switched off the engine and the intruder dropped a carry-on bag inside the engine. The authorities eventually caught him.

Intrduer arrested by airport authorities

Nigeria’s Federal Airports Authority (FAAN) arrested the intruder, identified as Usman Adamu. He’s now on the aviation security unit’s custody. They call it an “unfortunate airside incursion,” and suspended four security unit heads on duty during the incident. 

Nigerian intruder left wing airplane

Lagos airport now being fenced off after the intruder incident

Fresh off the incident, the Federal Airports Authority in Nigeria announced they’re awarding contracts for building perimeter fences at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. They’ve “already assisted in the award of contracts for perimeter fences at the airports, including detection devices and CCTV cameras with infrared capacity.”