rta auction number plate
Photograph credit: RTA

Number Plate Fetches Dhs 800,000 In Dubai Auction

In a vehicle number plate auction attended by Dubai’s high rollers, the event witnessed purchases beyond six figures, notably one number plate fetching a whopping Dhs 800,000.

AA 88 sells for Dhs 800,000 at RTA auction

From Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority’s (RTA) vehicle number plate auction last weekend, a number plate which goes by the codes, AA and numerals, 88, got auctioned for Dhs 800,000. The authority says there was “intense competition” among registered bidders throughout the auction. Another highlight of the auction was the number plate, Z 68 which sold for a staggering Dhs 400,000.

Dhs 20 million raised

Held under the theme of UAE’s founding father, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the auction offered exclusive number plates with the code, Z, representing the former President’s first name, alongside numerals that marked important occasions. Among these distinguished number plates, were Z 1918, the year Sheikh Zayed was born, Z 1971, the year establishing UAE’s formation and Z 2018, marking his centennial celebrations and this year’s national initiative, ‘Year of Zayed.’ The entire proceedings go to Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai.

Photograph credit: RTA

Number plate seen as a status symbol

For long, the Middle East’s car culture boasted number plates as representing one’s status symbol. Fewer the digits, higher the price. The last time a number plate auction made major headlines was when plate, D 5 drew a bid of Dhs 33 million from Indian businessman, Balvinder Sahni. The baller is no stranger to pricey purchases, having purchased the du mobile number, 0588888888 for Dhs 4.5 million.