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2020 really is the year that the bad news keeps coming as one million cannibal ants trapped in a nuclear bunker in Poland have escaped.

The ants were first discovered in 2013 in a Soviet nuclear bunker where they once kept nuclear weapons. The ants had no access to the outside world and had fallen through a ventilation pipe.

And with no access to the outside world, they had no choice but to eat the dead. Yummy, dead radioactive ants.

Incredibly, the colony only grew from these humble cannibalistic beginnings, with scientists suggesting ‘there were hundreds of thousands if not one million ants living in the bunker.’

The great escape

Scientists, being scientists, couldn’t just leave the discovery there, however.

The scientists decided to analyse the ants’ behaviour and decided to see if they’d leave their underground bunker. Tough choice – underground bunker with no light or heat and dead ants. Or the real world.

So the ants all escaped, leaving behind only a few dead, radioactive nestmates that they hadn’t quite got round to eating. They’re now living above ground and presumably much happier. Which is great news – at least someone’s winning in 2020.

Cannibal ants, cannibal rats, murder hornets – anything else to give us 2020?

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