One of UK's most-wanted drug traffickers arrested in Dubai
One of UK's most-wanted drug traffickers arrested in Dubai

One of the UK’s most-wanted drug traffickers arrested in Dubai

A British drug trafficker wanted for over eight years has been arrested for his alleged part in a huge drug dealing plot by Dubai Police.

Michael Paul Moogan, 35, from Liverpool, was arrested on April 21 after a joint operation between Dubai Police and the National Crime Agency (NCA). The wanted man was also on Interpol’s Red List.

Moogan had been on the run from police for eight years since escaping a raid in Holland targeting drug traffickers and cartels. He’s suspected of being involved in a plot to bring ‘hundreds of kilos of cocaine into the UK every week.’

One other wanted drug trafficker handed himself in after three years on the run, claiming the pressure was too much.

The NCA praised the Dubai Police for their ‘good coordination, high professionalism and swift action in arresting Moogan.’

And they were also full of praise for Dubai’s role in ‘combating organized crime and arresting perpetrators.’

It’s very fair to say that the Dubai Police have been smashing their work recently. They’ve now helped bring in 52 wanted people in recent years working alongside international police agencies. They’ve included people wanted for terrorism, organised crime, money laundering, murder and drug trafficking.