Coronavirus test needed

Only people with negative Coronavirus tests allowed to enter Abu Dhabi

If you want to enter Abu Dhabi at the moment, you’ll need to provide proof of a negative Coronavirus test that was carried out within the last 48 hours.

Abu Dhabi has been on a region-wide lockdown for over a month due to the Coronavirus. Meaning heavy restrictions on who can enter and leave the region.

And the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee for the Covid-19 Pandemic has updated the guidelines for those looking to enter Abu Dhabi.

Mail and goods are exempt from the restrictions.

You must show proof of your negative Covid-19 test at the border. This is via the Al Hosn app or a text message from a screening or hospital associated with the National Screening Programme. And the test must be from within the last 48 hours.

Dubai completes National Sterilisation Programme

While restrictions are still in place in Abu Dhabi, Dubai recently announced it’s completed its National Sterilisation Programme.

Children under the age of 12 are once again allowed in malls and restaurants. And there’s no daily curfew.

But, as we’ve become used to, all residents must employ social distancing measures and wear masks.