Dubai top 10 apps
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Our Top 10 Dubai Apps Every Lad Must Have

When you’re in a buzzing, tech-savvy city like Dubai, there’s no need to get bogged down with mundane daily tasks, you should be out enjoying everything the region has to offer.

We’ve rounded up our top picks of apps that can help you do exactly that. Save money, get stuff done and live your best life.  


For: Delivering fuel 

About: Something most of us can relate to, is seeing that fill petrol light turn on whilst stuck in traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road, praying that the remaining fumes in your tank get you to the nearest gas station, only to find its rammed full of cars. Now, you don’t need to go through the stress anymore 

The Cafu app delivers Special 95 and Super 98 petrol anywhere in the UAE charging the same price per litre as the petrol station. Literally, this is an ‘Uber for gas.’  They charge Dhs 18 per delivery.

Download: For IOS and Google Play



For: Drinks and dining deals

About: Everyone knows going out on a sesh can be really expensive in Dubai. And in some places, you might have to skip paying this month’s rent just to afford a round of drinks.

Thanks to the Moonshine app, you can get amazing drinks and dining deals at over 110 spots in town, as well as at major events. Some of the popular venues include Barasti, Rodeo Drive, Noire, Urban Bar & Kitchen and Stars N’ Bars. 

Their membership package starts from Dhs 40 per month, and with our code: DXBLAD30. It costs as little as Dhs 28. A three-month package costs Dhs 56, a six months package for Dhs 84, and a yearly package for Dhs 140.

Download: For IOS and Google Play


Urban Clap

For: Part-time maids, home repairs and relocation

About: The name may sound like a hipster STD, but don’t let that put you off. Urban Clap is a marketplace for home repairs and part-time maids. You won’t have to count on your building security or neighbours for help anymore. 

They offer a range of services, from part-time maids to AC repairs and pest control. What’s more, anyone who’s a pro at home-related services can join the network and earn.

You’d definitely need this app to sort out everything in your house, unless you’re a Monica from Friends

Download: For IOS and Google Play


Dubai Calendar

For: Finding events and happenings in Dubai 

About: We’ve all been there, scrolling endlessly through event guides, planning where to hang out on the weekend. 

This is where Dubai Calendar app comes in, be it music festivals, parties, live gigs, sporting events or family-friendly entertainment, the Dubai Calendar offers a roundup of events happening in town with the option to purchase tickets.

Download: For IOS and Google Play



For: Food deliveries 

About: Let’s be real. We’re all part of the busy working lifestyle in Dubai, with barely enough time to cook a meal. But having said that, there’s no shortage of restaurants in town. 

Deliveroo delivers food from an extensive line-up of partnered casual and fine dining restaurants. The best part, the app tracks your order right till your doorstep!

Download: For IOS and Google Play


Dubai top 10 apps Deliveroo


For: Laundry services

About: If like us you suffer from Laundrophobia (fear of doing washing), homegrown laundry service brand Washmen promises to pick up your clothes within 25 minutes, give them a good clean and drop them off the next day. 

The service is available in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. All users have to do is fill up their bag and request for a pick-up.

Download; For IOS and Google Play



For: Ride-hailing service

About: Driving in Dubai can be stressful at times, especially when you’ve got someone who thinks he’s Lewis Hamilton tailgating you. Now you can pass that stress onto a Careem captain with a click of a ‘Jensen’ button.

If you’re fed up of driving or just need a ride, you can count on Careem to get you where you need. The ride-hailing app changes its prices based on the time of the day, based on rush hour timings, allows users to schedule their trip and track their driver. 

In fact, Uber acquired Careem for a staggering $3.1 billion (AED 11.3b) recently.

Download: For IOS and Google Play



For: Online shopping

About: If you’re a shopaholic, chances are you’ve heard about the Noon app and if you’re not you’ve probably still heard of them as their logo has popped up on almost every building owned by parent company Emaar in the UAE.

The app boasts a massive selection of products online, offering easy payment options and cash on delivery. 

Download: For IOS and Google Play



For: Second-hand items

About: When it comes to buying or selling second-hand items, Dubizzle is a must-have. This classifieds app can literally help you save thousands by finding items at a bargain price, or sell items you’re unable to get rid of.

Not to mention bargaining, they have a messaging feature where a buyer and seller can negotiate the price, just be sure to steer clear of the obligatory weirdo who’ll try and blag your 65” TV for 5 dirhams.

Someone once posted an ad for an Airbus A340 airplane for a staggering AED 150 million, while another tried to sell a batmobile concept car for AED 3.5 million, also someone listed a golden frog for AED 3.67 million.

Download: For IOS and Google Play



For: Fitness

About: If you, like us, came here and put on the dreaded ‘Dubai stone’, then this app is for you.

It’s easy to get unmotivated by the same old gym workouts, isn’t it? ClassPass has an interesting twist to revitalize your gym routine. With their membership program, gym-goers can access various ongoing fitness classes, studios and training in town. 

The process is simple; Search for classes on the app, book one and go for it. The app also recommends classes based on users’ goals as well as ratings and reviews to help users decided on their next class.

Download: For IOS and Google Play